Choosing Blogger Hosting for Google Adsense Integration

Looking at the possible hosting options for this site, I decided to stick with Blogger rather than go with Wordpress or some other hosted product. The decision is revenue based. Blogger does not cost more than the domain. Given that ad revenues are low at the beginning, it makes no sense to spend a lot of money on hosting up front. It would require tons of writing to make up for the expense.

In addition, Blogger has a tighter fit with respect to Google Adsense. While I recognize that Adsense is not one of the top revenue producers out there, for the moment it will have to do for a new blog by an anonymous writer.

In future, I will drop the cloak of anonymity and be reachable for other opportunities. Having read other personal finance blogs, I know that most of them generate revenue through referrals, ads, consulting, and affiliate marketing. Perhaps I can do some of that once I have written more posts and have revealed the name behind the blog.

In the meantime, just a trickle of ad revenue is better than no revenue. Just like with dividend investing, you can't get $2 in dividends until you have first passed $1 in dividends. You can't get to $200 without first passing $100. Similarly, a blog can't expect to generate tons of revenue without first having generated a trickle.

You have to start somewhere.