Saving Money On Housing Costs

At the end of April, my family and I moved to another house. The size seemed comparable. However, after settling in, it appears that the new place might be smaller. Or at least there are fewer places for us to hide our stuff.

The move is a positive for my family. The environment is a bit better. The location is more convenient for our family. The cost is lower. We will save almost $250 per month, which is in the thousands per year. 

With regard to size, even if it is a smaller space, this is beneficial in that it allows us to get rid of things that were not helping us live fuller lives. I see it as an opportunity to declutter. One thing I pointed out to one of my daughters is that we are moving our meager possessions. I say meager because it is not as though we are transporting fine art or antique furniture. Most of what we are moving are hardly significant. Along those lines, we can eliminate much of it from our lives entirely.

Along with the savings in rent, it seems that we will also be saving on Internet service, perhaps. DSL and cable are not available in the neighborhood. Thus, we will not be spending on the monthly subscription. However, we may end up making up for the savings in data costs from mobile devices.

We will have to review our utility bills after a few months to determine if, indeed, we are saving money in other ways other than rent.

The big picture is that I am still only a few months into a job that pays me a higher income than I have ever earned. In addition, we are paying less in housing costs. This can be good news when it comes to paying off debts and increasing our savings. I will post an update once we have something to compare.