Transition to Apple

I am personally, and possibly my family, transitioning from Android to Apple products. One of the reasons I chose to host this site on Blogger was that I was heavily invested in Android and other Google products. Everything would work together. However, my new job has some circumstances in which I need an iPhone. In addition, in an effort to save money I canceled my personal mobile account. Thus, I do not have mobile data for my Android universe.

To add to all of that, my wife and I found a place that would save us a couple thousand dollars per year in rent. The trade-off is that there is no Internet service in the area. Thus, we are also saving on an Internet subscription. Unfortunately, it also meant that we could not get entertainment on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. I tried casting with a Roku and with Chromecast. These devices do not work without an Internet connection. A friend told me that the Apple TV is able to receive a cast without an Internet connection.

Through one paycheck, I bought an Apple TV. My work phone worked very well to cast TV shows and movies I downloaded. So, with the next paycheck, I decided to purchase an iPad to serve as a conduit for downloading and casting. My experience thus far with Apple products has made it easier to get work done. The apps on iOS versus Android are very similar. However, there is something about the workflow on Apple products that makes the experience less difficult.

I think, perhaps, it is that the "cloud" component of Apple is merely there to connect your products, whereas Google's environment makes your device the conduit to the cloud experience. I don't particularly want to be connected to the web for everything. With respect to writing, being online is detrimental to productivity.

I am hesitant to purchase a Mac of any sort given that the devices sell at a premium compared to PCs. However, if my productivity simply using an iPhone and an iPad continues to see improvements, I may have to splurge on an Apple computer.

Oddly, there is no Blogger app for iOS. Fortunately, it is possible to write posts here via the browser. I have some delayed posts coming up about our trip to Las Vegas. Stay tuned.