SpringHill Suites by Marriott at San Antonio Airport

When you book a hotel that is next to the airport, you can always expect that there will be flights overhead. It is a given. For this reason, there is no value in kvetching about the noise. While you do hear planes as they approach for a landing, you do not hear them very loudly and not for very long. The SpringHill Suites by the San Antonio, Texas Airport has done a great job of insulating the world out of my room, considering that the hotel is so close to highway interchanges and an airport.

This is my first stay at a SpringHill Suites hotel. In fact, it is my first stay at a Marriott property. Compared to other brands where I have stayed, the SpringHill Suites, at least this one, seems directed towards the business traveler. Although one could bring children to the hotel, they would seem incongruent with the overall feel. Compared to family-oriented hotels, breakfast downstairs had all kinds of business people working, meeting, and making phone calls.

I think if I had to describe the hotel succinctly, I would call it no-nonsense. There is nothing frilly or extra about it. There are modern clean lines and surfaces everywhere. Being inexperienced in Marriott properties, I could not tell you if this is common to the SpringHill brand or the Marriott brand. Or, perhaps this is consistent with only this particular property.

My family and I come to San Antonio often, both for business and pleasure. I do not think I would bring my family to this property. While the hotel is not objectionable, it just doesn't feel like there ought to be children around.

The hotel offers a corner in the front lobby they call The Market where you can purchase soft drinks, chips, cookies, and even allergy pills, which you'll need in San Antonio. You could even pick up a bottle of wine or a beer if you feel inclined. There is free coffee available 24 hours a day. If you are looking for something more substantive, the hotel has a complimentary shuttle to take you to nearby restaurants or shopping.

Thanks to American Express Platinum, I get bumped up to Gold status with Marriott, which comes with some perks. Unfortunately, I could not tell you what all of those perks are. One of the perks was the possibility of a room upgrade. I could not say if I did get an upgrade in this instance. I did miss out on the Internet complimentary upgrade. I should have asked.

The business that brings me to San Antonio is a facility manager meeting and a tour of a water treatment plant. The meeting is not too far from here, which was the reason for booking a stay at this hotel. Despite a yearning for travel and adventure, I tend to stay with what I know works for me. SpringHill Suites, I can say, works for me for future business travel. If you have not stayed at a SpringHill Suites in the past, it is definitely worthy of your consideration.